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11/29/08 - NCR Trail Marathon - 2:58:44 - This was a really tricky one because of the crud the week
before.  I was cancelling on Tuesday the week of, but then hit the track.  I got in 3 solid track workouts
from Tuesday to Thursday and decided I needed to run the race because it would be a great lookback
race if I pulled off the sub3.  
Here's the race summary and the splits.

11/8/08 - Chickamauga Marathon - 2:56:31 - Ran a smart race, given that I hadn't really gotten in my
long runs leading up to this race so I wasn't totally sure I was sub3 ready.  First mile was a 7:12, the next
two were about 7:00, then I put it on 6:40s (though I didn't watch the splits).  I glanced at the 10 split and
saw a 1:08 something so I knew I was around     3:00.  There was a clock at the half that read 1:29 and
change.  Glanced at the 20 split and saw 2:14 something so I knew I was running a solid negative.  
Different course from last year (and not as enjoyable), but a sub3 result for me and that's what
My splits
and such

7/12/08 - Grandfather Mountain Marathon - 3:11:01 - Ran this race exactly as planned and yet didn't scare
sub3.  Getting to the 7 mile mark was pretty tough work so I knew not to look at my watch.  Once I got it going after
the half (and particularly after 17), I thought I was making time, but apparently not.  It's a tough course, Chuck Engle
the Marathon Junkie says it's the toughest road marathon he's run (100+ marathons);  I'll give it a solid top 10 spot.  
There just isn't anywhere on the course that you can consistently make up for lost time...and you're consistently
losing time on the
splits, pics and such

6/14/08 - SOAR 2008 - 8 hours 5 minutes - I was fortunate to at least be in decent shape when I took
the plunge around May 1st and committed to doing this 50 mile (12 hour) adventure race (solo) in
Highlands, NC.  I thought I'd be on alot of familiar terrain and it turned out I knew at least 90% of the
course.  This meant it was going to be more of a speed and endurance event rather than a typical
adventure race where your need your map skills.  Turns out two other guys (Chris and Micheal) were in
about the same physical shape as me and trusted my course knowledge enough to push the pace early
without much map interference (though they were prepared to work the map if need be...and we did use
it alittle near the end).  My weakness showed on the bike (had only gotten in about 15 rides prior to start
time), but I did fine...until the chain broke.  I had asked for more running miles, and sure enough, I got 5
extra...pushing my bike.  Lost 25 minutes to Chris and Micheal, not bad, and still came across the line in
third.  All in all, fun time, great new friends and I'll probably do it again next year...and get a new chain.

1/27/08 - Callaway Gardens - 3:14:10 - Our goal (mine & Travis') was to get Travis under 3:20 so he
could participate in the April 21st, 2008 festivities...uhhh...The Boston Marathon!  DONE!!  Slowed some
over the last 10K, but Travis held it together with no major issues.

11/24/07 - NCR Trail - 2:53:17 - This is a beautiful, beautiful run.  It technically runs uphill of the trail
first then down hill back, but you don't feel either.  This is a fairly narrow trail, but very enjoyable.  In the
rain it would be pretty sloppy, but probably alot of fun.  Not much 'other traffic' on the trail today.  
splits and things

11/10/07 - Chickamauga Battle Field - 2:52:36 - This is a new course, and it's wonderfull!  It's two
loops, which some might view as a negative, but I don't.  In doing so, they kept the course on good
roads, mostly in the shaded woods of the park, and took out any hills of size.  Very pleased with my run...
my splits and stuff

10/28/07 - Spinx Runfest Marathon - Sub3, but just barely (2:59:35) - The plan was for me and my
buddy Mike to go after sub 2:50.  Thought I probably wasn't ready, but what the heck.  We were right on
pace through 13 miles, but I knew I didn't have the ability to maintain.  Mike did though (2:49:58)!!...nice
job Mike.  Me, I started my meltdown and hamstring crampfest.  Pretty sure I wasn't going to make sub3,
but got lucky.  Terrible way to run a marathon.

10/14/07 - DuPont Forest USATF Trail Marathon Championships - What a great run I had - 2:53:04
 I took 5th place at 3 miles and though I made up alittle ground on the 4th place guys at the end,
I finished 5th overall and was the first masters runner.  Tough trail marathon, but alot like my Highlands
gravel training.  Close to 70 degrees when it was over, but lots of shade.  Great to be back racing.  I
love the strategy of a marathon.  Thought I might have a negative, but the last 10K was pretty

3/25/06 - Oak Mountain 50K - Wellll...that didn't go so good.  Another tough, but beautiful, course; I just
didn't have the leg turnover today.  6th place overall in a
5:11.  At least I got in some good recon for
next year.

3/12/06 - Silver Comet 10K - Man I hate 10Ks!  They start too darn fast.  I think I was out of breath in the
first half mile.  Ran a respectable
36:51 for an age group victory.  Just needed a 38:00 for a Peachtree
Seeded Time Group number so I'm good with that.

2/25/06 - Mount Cheaha 50K - This was an amazing first year event...many thanks to Todd (the race
director) and his family and friends!  On a rainy, muddy, yet wonderful day, I mustered up a 3rd place
overall finish in a time of
5:10 (yeah 5 hours!).  Did you see the elevation chart?  How 'bout one of the
'creek' crossings...and some other pics.

1/29/06 - The Callaway Gardens Marathon - 2nd Place Overall - 2:58:14 - It rained for the first two
hours, but I still found it to be a nice and enjoyable race.

1/15/06 - The FA 50K - Kennesaw Mountain - 4:01 and fourth place overall...and check out the bloody
12/10/05 (a week later) - The Rocket City Marathon - 2:52:26 - a two minute negative between 10 miles
and 20 miles, but ended up with a even split overall. Also...Thanks Linda!!  She's my running buddy
Mitchell's wife and she took
these pictures.

12/03/05 (nine days later) - The Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon - 10th place overall - 2:52:39 (click)
- a slight negative split.  Went after this one alittle harder hoping for a top 5 finish, but the competition
was very solid.

11/24/05 (a week and a half later) - The Atlanta Marathon on Thanksgiving Day - 10th place overall - 2:
59:42 (click) - a one minute negative split.  The day got pretty windy; tough course.

11/13/05 (the next day) - Was feeling pretty good the next morning so I showed up for a little
underground trail half marathon that
Tri-Atlanta mapped out (super fun course I might add).  About 5
miles into it I really started feeling good...and went on to win it!

11/12/05 (two weeks later) - The Chickamauga Battle Field Marathon (NW GA) - Another 2nd Place
Overall -
2:55:54 - a 3+ minute negative split.  Great day; good course

10/30/05 - The Spinx Run Fest TPM Marathon in Greenville, SC - 2nd Place Overall and First Masters
runners -   
 2:56:08 (click) - nearly a 3 minute negative split.  Great day; good course.
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