Marathon Training & Racing from
Joe Bowman
All 50 States & DC under 3:00
Maybe the first step for you is to meet the Boston Marathon qualification standard for your age and
gender.  Depending on your present fitness level, this may be a more realistic goal for now.  At the
end of the day, I want to turn you into a sub three hour marathoner, but qualifying for Boston would
be a really nice building block to work from.  Find your age group in the chart then review below the
simple modifications you can make to the existing sub 3:00 plan.
AGE                                                           REQUIRED                                                      REQUIRED
GROUP                        MEN                         PACE                        WOMEN                         PACE

18-34                 3 Hrs. 05 Mins.   
                 7: 03                  3 Hrs. 35  Mins.                  8:12

35-39                 3 Hrs. 10 Mins.    
                 7:14                   3 Hrs. 40  Mins.                  8:23

40-44                 3 Hrs. 15 Mins.   
                  7:26                   3 Hrs. 45  Mins.                  8:34

45-49                 3 Hrs. 25 Mins.  
                     7:49                   3 Hrs. 55  Mins.                  8:57

50-54                 3 Hrs. 30 Mins.   
                   8:00                   4 Hrs. 00  Mins.                  9:09

55-59                 3 Hrs. 40 Mins.   
                    8:23                   4 Hrs. 10  Mins.                  9:32

60-64                 3 Hrs. 55 Mins.    
                  8:57                   4 Hrs. 25  Mins.                10:06

65-69                 4 Hrs. 10 Mins.   
                   9:32                   4 Hrs. 40  Mins.                10:40

70-74                 4 Hrs. 25 Mins.    
                 10:06                  4 Hrs. 55  Mins.                11:15

75-79                 4 Hrs. 40 Mins.   
                                       10:40                  5 Hrs. 10 Mins.                 11:49

80 and up         4 Hrs. 55 Mins.   
                   11:15                  5 Hrs. 25 Mins.                 12:23
Without giving you a totally separate training regiment, simply continue to focus on the core training
elements, but make the adjustments below.
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The Long Run
Take the same 16 to 17 mile
training run and complete it
in an hour faster than your
expected marathon
qualification time...or run for
three hours, whichever
comes first.  Much more than
three hours in an individual
training run is going to
negatively effect your other
efforts for the week.
The Medium Long Run
Do it at your required
qualification pace.
Mile Repeats
Run a mile every time the clock hits your
required qualification pace,  i.e. a 3 hour
marathon is a 6:52 pace, so I round up
and run a mile every 7 minutes.  Rounding
up to the nearest :15 would be a good
rule, the goal being that you complete your
mile and have about a minute to rest.  And
yes that means your core leg turnover rate
should be a minute faster than your
qualification pace...and your legs need a
small taste of this most every day.

They're still at 85% to
90% of your top end
speed range.
The Catch All
The key to this one is NOT focusing on your per mile pace.  The goal is to run for at least 45
minutes on the track at a pace that is slightly faster than your marathon goal pace.  Your focus is on
your 3 lap time, so go to the track and run a mile alittle faster than your marathon goal pace, note
your 3 lap time (
not your mile time), and drill it into your brain.  When you come back to the track the
next day, start running at a speed that matches your 3 lap time.  Try going at least 30 minutes
(straight), logging in each 3 lap interval.  I find that 3 laps is easier to adjust on than a mile and I
don't get caught up thinking about how fast (or slow) my miles are.
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