My First Fifty States Under Three Hours

On 3/6/05, I achieved a goal that stands at the pinnacle of my running
career.  With a 2:56:57 finish in the Little Rock Marathon, I successfully
completed a five and a half year quest to run a sub 3 hour marathon in
all 50 States and DC.

From the beginning it was a battle.  I wasn't a 3:00 marathoner when
this adventure began and I will probably not ever run much faster than
a 2:50 marathon (2:44:54 PR).  However, what the Lord didn't give me
in speed, he made up for in durability, strength and drive.  I'm
extremely thankful for that and greatly appreciate everyone who has
been a part in this quest.  My biggest fan and supporter is my fantastic
wife, Shannon, who deserves the biggest award simply for putting up
with my crap.  Thanks Sweetie!!
My Running

I LOVE THE MARATHON!  It's my distance and I hope that never
changes.  It tires and invigorates me all at the same time and it seems I
can't run enough of 'em.  I live on the edge of success and failure
every time I toe the sub3 line and wouldn't want it any other way.  Only
in my dreams am I a 2:40 marathoner and that's what makes breaking
three hours so rewarding.

My first attempt at the marathon distance was in 1988.  I was chasing a
Boston Marathon qualification time of 3:00 (go figure) and ran a          
2:59:19, but paid dearly for it over the last 4 miles.  I went out at a       
6:15 pace and remember thinking at 13 miles what an easy race the
marathon was.  My Boston time was 3:00:30…with an even faster start
and a bigger late race meltdown.  My 3rd attempt two years later
resulted in a PR of 2:56, but I wouldn't see sub three again for another
9 years (and 14 more marathons).  And running a negative split, well
that took 8 more marathons!
Now I'm a MASTER!

Yep, they say you're an old runner at the age of 40 and since I now
resemble that, I'll make the most of it.  My plan is to run at least one sub
3:00 every year til I'm 60 (then who knows).  At 50, I'm halfway there and
have run at least 1 sub3 hr marathon every year since turning 35.
My Highlights

First Place
Bismarck (ND) -  9/26/03
Montana (MT) – 9/15/02
Hogeye (AR) – 4/7/02
Ridge Runner (WV) – 6/2/01

Second Place
Callaway Gardens (GA) - 1/29/06
Chickamauga (GA) - 11/12/05
TMP Spinx (SC) - 10/30/05
Humpy’s (AK) –  8/17/03
Casper (WY) –  6/1/03
Martian (MI) – 3/23/02
Vulcan (AL) – 11/5/00

Third Place
Chickamauga (GA) - 11/10/07
City of Trees (ID) - 11/7/04
New Mexico (NM) -9/8/02
Mississippi (MS) – 1/13/01
Virginia Creeper (VA) – 3/11/01

Fourth Place
White River (AR) - 11/23/13
Spinx (SC) - 10/30/10
Delaware (DE) - 5/17/09
Fort Collins (CO) –  5/19/02
Capital City (WA) – 5/20/01
Charlotte (NC) –  1/27/01

Fifth Place
Dupont Forest (NC) - 10/14/07
Delaware (DE) – 5/16/04
Mt. Rushmore (SD) – 10/12/03
Marathons - 122
Sub 3's - 80
Updated - 1/18/15
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