Marathon Training & Racing from
Joe Bowman
All 50 States & DC under 3:00
Some people like to train; some people like to race.  I love to race...the marathon.  It's your reward
for all that doggone training.  Hard training doesn't guarantee a good race...nothing in the
marathon is guaranteed except a miserable experience if you don't train.  However, if you've been
doing the
Core Workouts and you're hitting most of the marks in the Are You Ready table, you
should be CAPABLE of running a sub3 hour marathon.

Now I can't stress how many capable runners I know and talk to that haven't broken 3 hours in the
marathon.  They just don't put it all together on race day.  Sometimes it's things within their control;
sometimes it's mother nature; sometimes it just happens.  When it doesn't come together, I say lace
up and get back out there.  It's said there's no substitute for training (I agree), but there's also no
substitute for marathon racing.

So I have this running buddy Jeff.  He says we're runners because we have no hand-eye
 That may be true, but it doesn't mean there's no strategy or technique in running.  
It's not a golf swing, but if you're going to travel 26.2 miles on you
r other 'sticks', it's important to do
it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I'm no marathon wonder boy.  Ask anybody who knows my running and they'll probably tell you
they're as capable as me...AND THEY ARE.  And YOU are too.  Yet those same people scratch
their heads at my sub3 success rate.  I have to have a good day to break 3 hours and most of the
time I find a way to make it a good day.  A lot of that success comes from knowing what I did right or
wrong under a similar situation in a previous marathon.  You can't read that kind of stuff; you have
to experience it.  So I say, run a marathon, then another, and another.  Trust me, you figure this
distance out and you'll never want to run another 10K!
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